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Slip Trip Fall Accident Claims

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Slip Trip and Fall Accidents Can Happen Anywhere At Anytime

slip trip and fall accident solicitors

Slip trip and fall accidents usually involves an individual slipping on a surface while walking, causing him or her to fall to the ground; tripping over an obstruction like cables on the sidewalk and falling over. Though they may seem harmless, slip or trip accident may cause much more than just slight embarrassment. Depending on how hard an individual falls and on what surface he or she falls, injuries may range from minor bumps and bruises to concussions, coma, and even death.

Possible Injuries Caused By Slip Trip and Fall Accidents

When an individual slips and falls, he or she may injure his or her head, which may cause serious long term injuries and health ailments. But head injuries are just one possibility. Individuals may also suffer:

  • Broken bones
  • Pulled muscles
  • Sprained joints
  • Internal injuries

Any of these potential injuries may leave lasting pain and suffering.

Claiming Compensation After Slip Trip and Fall Accident

slip trip and fall accident solicitors

If you been seriously injured as a result of a slip trip or fall accident in the past 3 years in a public place, through no fault of yours, you could be entitled to compensation – that means MONEY – CASH for the injuries you sustained, loss of income and any resulting out-of-pocket expenses. To find out how our personal injury solicitors can help you with any slip trip and fall accidents, complete the form on the right or call: 020 3600 0324 NOW!

How The Claim Solicitors Can Help You

At Guaranteed Compensation we are personal injury experts specialising in slip trip and fall accidents. We have many years of winning compensation for our clients. We handle slip trip and fall accidents in public places like;

  • Supermarkets/shopping centres/malls
  • Restaurants/bars
  • Theatres/cinemas
  • Public buildings

Our Solicitors DO NOT Handle the Following Slip, Trip Or Fall Accident;

  • Slip or trip on pavements
  • Slip on road or pavement during/after snowfall
  • Slip on road or pavement when icy or wet

Our Solicitors Will Take On Your Case On A ‘No Win-No Fee‘ Basis

Our solicitors work on a ‘No Win-No Fee‘ basis. Regardless of the outcome of your claim for compensation for any kind of slip trip or fall accident, you can rest assured that we will never charge you a penny for our services on your behalf.

We don’t take on cases unless we are confident of winning. Once you submit your application, your case will be vetted very carefully. If we believe your claim has merit, we shall be happy represent you


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