How To Make A Vibration White Finger Compensation Claim

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Do Your Arms Constantly Vibrate? You Need Vibration White Finger Compensation Claim Solicitors

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Vibration White FingerNumbed or tingling fingers and arms that shake frequently may be vibration white finger symptoms. In case you contracted this disorder in your workplace, you may be entitled to vibration white finger compensation claim. This compensation is intended for workers who have acquired the condition because of inadequate protection by their of employers as was their responsibility

Vibration white finger is defined as an industrial disease brought about by the regular use of vibratory instruments like grinders and pneumatic drills. It is common among workers in the engineering and mining industries as well as road maintenance. The disease is also called the Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome or HAVS. Doctors often prefer the term HAVS. It affects muscles and joints and in most instances, this is one of the primary indications of white fingers.

Vibration White FingerVibration White Finger Treatment

The most effective treatment is prevention. In other words, stop the use of equipment that vibrates. Low vibration tools are more advisable. Cutting down on smoking, consuming caffeine products, and amphetamines that cause vibration white finger can also help. Workers should always keep themselves warm whilst working under these conditions by for example, wearing gloves and warm clothes. Minimise the use of tools that quiver and choose the right equipment for your job. Cutting gear should always be sharp at all times.

Vibration White Finger Symptoms

The symptoms differ based on the scope of damage. Common indicators include loss of agility and strength; finger redness and whiteness, lack of feeling in the fingers and hands, as well as inflammation of fingers. Those afflicted with this disorder find it hard to lift small objects and are unable to cope with their work.

Vibration White Finger Tests

You need to undergo Vibration White Finger Tests prior to applying for vibration white finger compensation claim. One of the most common examinations is the Vibro-Tactile Threshold test. It determines the sensitivity of mechanoreceptors. These are nerves in your hands used for vibration and stretching. Measurements are obtained from each hand particularly in the index and little fingers. On the other hand, the Thermal Aesthesiometry test quantifies thermal receptors for heat and coldness. The Purdue Pegboard assessment measures nimbleness and loss of movement in your hands. Grip Force measurement tests the gripping ability of both hands.

vwf2Vibration White Finger Pension

You should direct your enquiries to the Department of Work and Pensions or Citizen’s Advice Bureau for VWF pension concerns. Payment of the Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit can exclude you from getting hold of other benefits.

Causes of Vibration White Finger

Any instrument or equipment that trembles is a probable cause for VWF especially if individual vulnerability is considered. Some of these equipment includes chain saws, impact wrenches, hammer and pneumatic drills, riveter, concrete breaker, pile driver and jack hammer.

How Much Is the Compensation for Vibration White Finger?

The following amounts are examples of rates for vibration white finger compensation claim. Any serious cases can fetch anywhere from £11,000 – £25,000. This means that the two hands have been terribly affected. Almost all fingers have turned completely white because of the cold weather. Another factor is the claimant’s age. Younger claimants are most likely to lose more income. Moderate injuries entitle claimants to a minimum of £3,000 – £11,000. Scope of damages depends on different factors like duration of symptoms, degree and gravity of symptoms together with age of claimant. Minor means a maximum claim of £3,000.

Vibration White Finger

How to Diagnose Vibration White Finger?

See the doctor immediately if you are trying to obtain a diagnosis for vibration white finger and a possible claim. Expect your GP to refer you to a specialist like the neurologist or rheumatologist. Your complete medical case history will be gathered including present symptoms and changes in terms of acuteness. The details of exposure will also be required together with the different tools used, number of years and hours per day of (exposure). The medical or clinical assessment procedure consists of an examination of the vascular, nervous and musculoskeletal systems. The findings should show the vibration white finger diagnosis and possible stage of the disease. You are advised to instruct excellent industrial injury compensation solicitors to handle your claim.



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