Our Guarantee

Compensation claims in the UK is big business. In fact, according to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, there are more than 2.5 million people injured in non-fault accidents in the UK each year with the potential to claim compensation. Claims for personal injury compensation are normally handled on a ‘no win-no fee’ basis. Dozens of companies splash out £millions advertising on our TV screens and newspapers daily with commercials chanting “No Win-No Fee.” This means that, if they win your case, you get compensation. If they lose, you don’t get compensation but you don’t have to pay their legal fees either – in theory. Essentially; they win, you win. They lose; you pay nothing. This appears to be a fair and risk-free proposition. “After all”, you think, “what have I got lose?”

Potentially thousands of pounds in compensation!

Your Compensation and the Law

ABSOLUTE FACT: The law in the UK clearly states that if you have suffered serious personal injury as a result of an accident in which SOMEONE ELSE WAS TO BLAME, you have a right to compensation – that means MONEY! CASH!

The Problem with ‘No Win-No Fee’

Many of these companies would have you believe they are doing you a favour. The problem with ‘No Win-No Fee’ promises is that if the solicitor handling your claim is incompetent and mishandles your case, resulting in no compensation award, you have in effect, lost quite a bit of money that you were due through no fault of yours. Being told you don’t have to pay his legal fees because he failed to perform, is a slap in the face because he has effectively thrown your money away. The chances are, your compensation would have been a lot more than his fees anyway. Let’s be honest here, given a choice which would you choose:

Compensation of say, £10,000 and legal fees of say, £2,000; or

Compensation of £0 and legal fees of £0

If your claim had no legs to stand on, he ought to have known and told you so at the outset BEFORE accepting your case, rather than raise your hopes falsely and waste your time. If there was merit in your case, then he has probably lost you a small fortune. This is the problem with ‘No Win-No Fee’ promises and our current compensation culture.

LISTEN: Under a ‘No Win-No Fee’ culture, no professional claims handler should accept your case unless it had merit in the first place. Unless it was an air-tight sure-thing. So if they accept your case and they lose, they have actually lost you money which, according to their own initial assessment you were entitled to.

The Reality Is: THEY LOSE, YOU LOSE!

The job of anyone handling your claim for personal injury compensation is to put YOUR money in your pocket. That’s what we guarantee to do. Once we accept your case, if our resident solicitors at a later date informs you that they are unable to progress the case, because for example, the 3-year time limit has been exceeded, we, Pacific Pioneer Limited, the parent company of Guaranteed Compensation, will happily give you £1,000 cash by way of ‘sorry… but thank you’. So, either way, once your case is accepted, whatever the outcome, you get cash. What’s more, our service will never cost you a single penny. You see, we actually do believe in ‘No Win-No Fee’, that’s why we offer a free compensation claims service. But we also believe you deserve more than that. Otherwise, assuming you have a genuine claim, you are being robbed. Don’t gamble with your right to claim AND receive compensation for an accident that wasn’t your fault. Your compensation claim is valuable. Don’t leave your chances of success to the lottery. ‘No Win-No Fee.’ Claim what the law say is yours by right.

Remember, Our Solicitors Work for You. You’re In Charge.

Our friendly and professional solicitors are all members of The Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA).

Please don’t instruct them to represent you until you have had an informal chat with them and feel ‘comfortable’ with him or her.

Remember that once you instruct them to act on your behalf, they work for you.

In the unlikely event that you are not totally happy with your appointed solicitor, please let us know immediately.