faq Some Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Compensation Claims

If I have suffered an accident at work, on the road, or anywhere in public, can I make a claim for compensation?

As long as your accident was the fault of another party, we can pursue an accident compensation claim for you. It may be that you are entitled to compensation for the actual injuries you have suffered but, in addition, you may also be able to recover financial losses you have incurred. We can deal with all this for you, taking away the uncertainty and worry involved in an accident.


Are there any time limits I should be aware of when making a compensation claim?

Yes there are. Many people who have valid personal injuries claims miss out on the compensation they deserve because they are unaware that you only have a limited time after any injury in which to make a compensation claim. In almost all cases, following an accident or the diagnosis of a work-related illness, you have 3 years to make a claim. If the accident happened when you were less than 18 years of age, then you have 3 years from your 18th birthday to begin your claim. Guaranteed Compensation recommend that all victims of non-fault accidents who wish to make a claim do so as soon as possible to avoid potential deadlines. Certainly within TWO YEARS


Besides getting me money for my injuries, what other services can you provide?

As well as claiming for your injuries, we can also help you to recover the cost of repairing damage to your car (as well as providing you with a hire car and ensuring your insurance premiums are not affected) and any other belongings that were damaged, you are also entitled to claim if you lost money as a result of taking time off work following your accident. That’s not all; we can also recover the cost of rehabilitation following your accident, such as physiotherapy sessions or any medications you may need to take to help you recover from your injuries.


Why should I use Guaranteed Compensation?

Guaranteed Compensation have over 30 years experience dealing with an extensive range of personal injury claims. Each year our team of solicitors handle thousands of clients’ claims and recover millions of pounds in compensation.


What will it cost me to claim and what does ‘no win-no fee’ mean?

It will cost you absolutely nothing to make a claim for compensation. You will not pay any legal fees, win or lose. If we win your case, you keep 100% of your compensation, with no deductions. If your claim is unsuccessful we will not charge you any legal fees for the work carried out. That’s what ‘No Win-No Fee’ means. You will not be asked to pay anything to us to pursue your claim. So if we take your case on, you can be sure that win or lose, our service will not cost you a penny.


How do you get paid?

When we win a claim for compensation the party at fault, or their insurers, has to pay our legal fees. If we lose, we do not get paid.


I want to make a claim against my employers for an accident I had whilst at work, is there anything I should know?

Many people are concerned when they make a claim for compensation against their employer that they may lose their job. However, provided you have been working in your job for 1 year, then you cannot be dismissed simply for making a claim. Besides, that’s why every employer is obliged to take out employer’s liability insurance. It is this policy that pays for the compensation, not your employer as such.


How long will my case take, I want to know when I will get my money?

Each and every case we handle is different, so we cannot say any particular claim will take a particular length of time. In cases where the responsible party has admitted liability, then we will be able to offer more accurate advice on when your claim is likely to be settled. We pride ourselves on keeping all our clients updated with any important developments on their case.


How much compensation will I get?

Here at Guaranteed Compensation, our years of experience mean that we can give accurate estimates for the amount of compensation you are likely to receive for your injuries. We will always fight for our clients to receive the maximum possible compensation for their particular set of circumstances.


Will anyone visit me at home to assist me with the necessary paperwork for my claim?

Yes. If you have been injured then we will send out one of our client liaison officers to help you complete in any forms that you need to progress your case, these visits are at no cost to you and we can arrange a time and place for the meeting to fit around your availability.


What should I do if I have been approached by someone offering cash to settle my claim?

In our experience, you should always be wary of anyone offering to settle your claim immediately, as it is likely that the amount they are offering is much less than you would typically expect to receive by using a solicitor to make your claim.


Will I have to go to court?

The vast majority of cases never get to court. Most cases are settled out of court by negotiation between your solicitor and the party at fault. In the unlikely event that your case does go to a court hearing, an experienced solicitor will support you throughout the whole process.