How to Make A Compensation Claim After A Criminal Assault

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How to Make A Criminal Injury Compensation Claim After A Criminal Assault

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Innocent persons can always be victims of unexpected attacks by criminal elements. It is really unfortunate that criminal assault victims suffer bodily and psychological damage. You can make a criminal assault compensation claim in case this happens to you. A physical attack does not necessarily include physical contact. A person who threatens or shows aggression to another individual may be considered guilty of criminal assault.

In case an assault takes place, see to it that you report this incident to the police immediately. At the same time, seek medical attention for the injury right away. You can only look forward to a form of criminal compensation, if the violent behaviour took place during the past two years. You should have no role or provoked the unpleasant incident in any manner. It is possible to make a claim even if the person responsible for the occurrence assault was not really prosecuted by the authorities.

Compensation for injuries is sometimes referred to as tariff award. It is recognised as suffered criminal injury. Assault injuries leading to the death of a parent, spouse, child, or partner may also result in criminal assault compensation. If the deceased is the bread-winner, the next of kin can file the case. If it is approved, funeral expenses may be refunded.

criminal assault

How to Claim Compensation After An Assault

If you experience criminal injuries in the UK, you can file a claim for compensation utilising the following procedures:
• File the claim against the aggressor although this person may not be capable of paying if you win the case if he has not been caught or imprisoned for the crime.
• Make the claim against the employer if the incident happened at the place of work. This is a probability if the business proprietor exposed you to unwarranted risk that could have been prevented.
• Opt for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority which compensates assault victims in the UK.

criminal assaultCan I Claim Compensation for Assault?

You can apply for criminal assault compensation claim provided you are the victim and it can be proven that the other party wilfully caused the injury. Look for the best Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim Solicitors. The expert solicitor can be your key to winning the case and getting the right mount for damages.

Claiming Compensation After Assault

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim Solicitors will walk you through the process of your Criminal Injury Claim. These are legal professionals who understand the law with regard to criminal assault injuries. They work on a No Win-No Fee basis. If the solicitors fail to win your criminal injury claim, you pay nothing.

Assault Compensation Amounts

The usual scheme for any assault compensation claim is made up of ten pages of tariffs (list of injuries) that commonly take place during a violent crime. Each recorded injury has corresponding compensation amount. Medical reports are required to determine the extent of injuries. If there is more than one injury, the award will be the multiple injuries category. You are paid the complete amount for the most severe injury. The next is 30 percent of the tariff amount for the second most critical injury. The last is 15 percent of the tariff amount for the third classification.


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