Consulting Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim Solicitors After An Assault

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Assaulted? Injured? You Need Professional Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim Solicitors

Victims of criminal assault can sustain severe injuries. There are three possible courses of action for the injured party to get redress in the form of an assault compensation claim. One is to pursue a claim against the attacker. You can win the case but it may be difficult to get payment from perpetrators. Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims SolicitorsAnother way is to seek damages from your employer if the incident transpired at the workplace and it would have been possible for the owner to prevent the crime. Lastly, you can ask for compensation from the government-funded program called Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority or CICA.

Categories Of Criminal Injuries

There are different categories of criminal injuries are violent attacks; sexual abuse and assault; deliberate attack of dogs; and, injuries which involved intentional use of motor vehicles. Criminal injuries compensation solicitors will assist you in making your claim, loss of wages and expenses like equipment cost, adjustment to accommodations and, supervision needed due to effects of injuries. With respect to CICA, you need not wait for the result of prosecution. You may claim as long as you do so within two years of the commission of the criminal act. It should have been reported to the authorities right away. These are applicable to physical and mental cases. However, mental impairment should be part of the CICA scheme.

No Win-No Fee For Criminal Injuries

The No Win-No Fee approach for civil personal injury cases can be applied to criminal injuries. You can negotiate a conditional fee agreement with the solicitors. If you win the case, the law firm will forward the entire award to you. In case you lose, the solicitor will not bill you for basic fees. Yet, most of the No Win, No Fee solicitors require clients to answer for insurance premiums and court expenses. They will deduct the corresponding amount from earned damages.Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims Solicitors

The services of an expert criminal injury lawyer are vital if you want to contest a ruling of the tribunal. The legal professionals you need for a criminal assault claim are criminal injuries compensation solicitors. It is important that your claim for criminal injures be treated differently from personal injury concerns. Therefore, see to it that you select a capable solicitor who understands the process completely. These legal counsels will guide you through procedures and update you of developments for every phase of the claim.

Solicitors that Do CICA

Appointing a solicitor may not be needed when you seek reparation for a criminal assault. Criminal Injury Compensation Authority works even without formal legal aid. The CICA website contains a complete description of all aspects of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme with application forms in multiple languages. Simply follow the instructions in the website and fill in the form to claim. At any rate, employ solicitors who can help you out with the CICA process.

criminal assault compensationAssault Injury Compensation Claim

The UK government says that you may be qualified for criminal injury award based on the following parameters:

  • You were a victim of any violent offence.
  • You are not responsible for the occurrence.
  • You were injured while trying to prevent the act.
  • You saw a loved one victimized in a brutal crime and affected
  • psychologically by this happening.
  • Your relative dies as a result of a vicious felony.

Look for highly competent criminal injury solicitors if you are the injured party in any criminal mugging, stabbing, assault, or shooting. You may be entitled to damages. Thousands of criminal activities happen in the UK every year. It can also happen to you so be fully aware of the legal remedies such as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authorities (CICA).



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