About Us

Guaranteed Compensation was established in May 2002, initially as a housing disrepair venture. Its objective then was to help local authority and housing association tenants with significant disrepairs to their homes and whose complaints had been largely ignored by their landlords. We assisted them in getting redress and justice by taking up the claims on their behalf on a ‘No Win–No Fee’ basis. However, during the course of our investigations into some of these claims, we often found that many of them involved an element of personal injury. A personal injury section was established within the business in November 2003. A year later, the housing disrepair side was dispensed with altogether to allow us to focus solely on helping our personal injury clients.

Since then, the uniqueness of our approach has made us one of the fastest growing claims management companies in the UK.

In 2013, the parent company of Guaranteed Compensation, Pacific Pioneer Limited, became part of the GT Law Group.

We are unique in being the only personal injury compensation service that actually guarantees its clients compensation.

Our Mission – Forget ‘No Win-No Fee’

Our avowed aim is to help those who have been injured in accidents through no fault of theirs secure justice. Legal aid for injury compensation claims has been abolished. If you have been the victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault the last thing you need, is the stress and anxiety of trying to find the funds to pursue legal redress. You want to pursue the matter with complete peace of mind. Ultimately, you want compensation – money – and you want some guarantee that given the strength of your case, you deserve some compensation. We not only sympathise with this sentiment, we endorse it. Our clients come to us because they have genuine claims and expect compensation. We believe they ought to get it. The faith and confidence they show in us by approaching us to handle their cases deserves to be rewarded. Having agreed to handle your case, if it gets to court and our appointed solicitor fails to win you compensation, we will take £1,000 out of our own pockets and give it to you as compensation for your time, inconvenience and faith in us. This is the least you deserve

We look forward to serving you

To make a claim to personal injury or just to get a FREE no obligation advice on the potential of your claim, simply Call: 020 3600 0324. We will always give you an honest assessment of the merits of your case – it’s in our interest to do so!

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